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The Glow Factor

Sometimes we need support to move forward in our lives when many things could be holding us back from true fulfilment and being on purpose in in any area of life.

Emotional healing assists you to move forward in life with confidence, clarity and true direction.

 Hahnemann Healing and Concomitant Healing are modalities that work hand in hand to assist you in identifying what the arrests are that may be holding you back in life,  and help you to overcome them and move forward in your life.

Once we have used specific healing to unblock trapped emotions that may lie behind illness or may have precluded you from moving on with what you are wanting to achieve, we can then work on the origins of why these emotions have caused you to feel this way with Spiritual Counselling.

Depending on how you are feeling, and what it is you are facing, Healing or Spiritual Counselling or a combination, can help you move forward and quickly feel much better.

Emotional Healing is effective. It is quick and direct and will open up choices for you to change or alter the patterns of negative behaviour within your life.

If you would like to discuss how it is that YOU may be able to feel better, I would love to talk with you.

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