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The Glow Factor

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Mount Eliza VIC

How I can help you..


As a qualified Spiritual Counsellor & Healer, I am trained in working with you to intervene in your thought process so as to increase your ability to deal with the issues you are struggling with. This form of counselling is direct, non judgemental, non secretarian and will help you to find joy and feel fulfilled when you understand your life better.

With my strong background in marketing and business, many people seek my services for their businesses to help them succeed. I am a mindful marketing specialist, and work with business to clear any obstacles for the brand or business to help them to shine.

An exciting part of mindful marketing is being clear on a brand and its essence. I design websites inline with the energy and essence of your brand personality to not only convey this to your customer, but really to bring it to life authentically.


 - Help you clear any emotional arrests that may be holding you back

 - Help you to overcome issues by understanding them and their origin

 - Helping you to feel fulfilled and on track when you are not

 - Define your personal & business/career goals in line with your purpose

 - Develop your brand values & mission

 - Define an authentic & clear focus for your business with a brand plan

 - Set mindful marketing strategies that align your goals, vision, mission & values

within a marketing & communications plan

 - Assist in developing your brand identity & logo directions

 - Design your website to bring your brand to life

 - Provide ongoing support, mentoring & coaching


I can help you gain  clarity, direction & confidence in all areas of your life..