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 Spiritual Counselling intervenes in a person's thought process, giving an understanding of the origin of their actions and reactions. It offers another belief system to dealing with life's issues.



It is a form of counselling where each person is treated as a unique individual.

It helps you to identify the real cause of your issues, where it began in your life and why it is currently affecting you.

You will be assisted to identify your values and make decisions to resolve the issues that are aligned with these values.

Spiritual Counselling is honest, direct and is aimed as establishing positive change in your life with a focus on the future. 
This form of Counselling can take you on a process of self-discovery and help you to better understand your behaviours and belief systems.

It will set out to trace the behavioural patterns and their origin in your life, to give them context, and to offer you an option to break free of patterns which may be limiting.

The results bring a greater sense of self-acceptance and meaning to your life with a clear way forward.

Spiritual Counselling may be able to assist you with anxiety, depression, self worth and belief,  trauma,

impact of childhood, marriage or relationship issues, purpose and direction or finding fulfilment.

Suitable for all ages 7 years and above.

Appointments are available to book online or please call me to have a chat, Sinéad Travis 0424 243 189

Sessions are for 1 hour and are $120 per session $90 concession

Bookings can be made online

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